CASABLANCA Tile Stencil for Walls, Floors, Patios and Furniture



Casablanca Tile Stencil for Walls, Floors, Patios and Furniture

Using a Casablanca Tile Stencil can transform the look of walls and floors, both in the home and in the garden. The results are so effective and satisfying, you’ll be proud to show off your handywork.

Make a feature of a bathroom floor, create a statement headboard or give your garden patio a makeover. Whether you want to go bold with a black and white theme, add a pop of colour to a boring floor, or create a more subtle look, with so many paint colours on the market, the world is your oyster. If you plan to stencil over existing tiles, just choose the right size template to fit. If stencilling onto a path or plain concrete, just make sure you line your stencil up correctly as you won’t have a grid to follow.

Remember to follow the golden rules; prepare the surface properly, take your time, and seal the paint when it’s dry.

  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor stencilling
  • Made from 190 micron “Mylar A” flexible material, which can be fully re-cycled and is re-usable if kept clean and flat or rolled between uses
  • Use a brush or small foam roller to apply over your tile stencil with your chosen paint. Before you begin your project read the instructions carefully
  • The tile stencil can be cleaned with a non-abrasive household cleaner and water to remove water-based paint. The stencils can be re-used if cleaned properly
  • The product is delivered in a strong postal tube or box to avoid damage during transit
  • Available in sizes 30cm x 30cm, 45cm x 45cm and 60cm x 60cm

Brush off your old paving slabs and add a splash of colour with one of our fabulous designs, so easy to do yourself on a dry, calm afternoon. And you’ll be proud of the results, we offer stencils in varying sizes and they are recyclable too! See our other gorgeous designs here.

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