GLITTER GOLD Washi Tape 15mm x 5m

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Glitter Gold Washi Tape 15mm x 5m

Glitter Gold washi tape is a dream product for crafters, washi tapes add pattern, colour and texture to almost any craft project.

Originating from Japan, washi tape is a self-adhesive masking tape which is quick and easy to apply to furniture and home accessories to create a truly unique and individual style.  Embellish shelf & drawer edges, decorate photo frames, mirrors, placemats, coasters… the list is endless!

The decorative low tack tape can be torn from the roll or cut with scissors and can even be written on, making it perfect for craft projects too like scrap-booking, card making, gift wrapping and personalised labels.

Children and teenagers enjoy using washi tapes too for decorating schoolbooks, journals and folders as a way of making them more fun, unique and decorative.

Get ready to unleash your creative side!

  • Simply unravel the tape from the roll and cut or tear a piece off to stick to your chosen surface. The low tack adhesive allows it to peeled off and repositioned. Apply to wood, plastic, metal, glass or any flat surface.
  • Non-permanent – the tape can be fully removed without leaving any residue (not removable from paper)
  • Paper masking tape (recyclable)
  • Low tack adhesive

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